Band Members

Funk Knuf is “2 % Jazz . . . and 98% Funky Stuff!!” (Maceo Parker)
FUNK KNUF (funk enough) is Colorado’s funk experience. They play fun and solid funk music with a horn section full of monster players! Funk Knuf will bring you music from Brand New Heavies, to Liquid Soul, and Jaco Pastorious to Lettuce. You’ll hear Galactic, King Hector, and some Greyboy All Stars. Each song is selected with care. What Funk Knuf brings to their shows won’t be on your radio when you arrive.

FUNK KNUF is perfect for your festival or concert series! 

Festivals played recently:
8/18/2018—Wellington Summer Concert Series 
7/28/2018—Copper Mountain’s Mac and Cheese Festival 
7/20/2018— Longmont Jazz Fest 
6/14/2018—Rock N Rails, Niwot Summer Concert Series 
5/5/2018—Element Bistro’s Summer Concert Series 
9/15/2017—Jazz on 2nd Ave Festival, Niwot 
8/5/2017—Sunset at the Summit Concert Series, Silverthorne

Led by Geno Treppeda (from BiG BaNG!) on drums, the band is joined by Jill Watkins (from Jockamo, Hermonious, George Whitesell and His All Stars featuring Jill Watkins, and the Jill Watkins Band). Jill’s powerful vocals with this strong band, is a force to experience!
The Funk Knuf monster horn section includes: John Battista, on tenor sax, (also played with SwingCity, the Legendary 4-nikators, BiG BaNG!), Dave McLoughlin - Trumpet, Flugelhorn and Trombone (also played with BiG BaNG!, SwingCity, Makeshift Funk Band), Doug Carmichael, on alto, bari sax, and flute, (also played with Makeshift Funk Band, See Spot Grove, Archie Funker).
The band’s super tight rhythm section includes:  Curtis D’Agostino on guitar, Bill Capsalis on bass and Steve Clymer on keys.
Each member of Funk Knuf is an ultra-talented and versatile musician. The shared experiences of each runs the gamut of musical experience from International Jazz festivals to playing at Red Rocks.
Funk Knuf plays music that will move your body parts! Guaranteed.

Geno Treppeda - Drums

Born in Wappinger Falls, NY, just across town from Johnny B, although we never met till our Colorado days.  NY was a tough place to be a kid.  Ya know a loving Italian family, but after 3 near-death experiences from Macaroni with Gravy and Braciole overdoses, I knew it was time to leave. Much too dangerous.

I remember a dear friend and me loading an F-10 Datsun on my Birthday in 1978.  It was tough leaving the nest: A mother, two older loving sisters who thought they were my mother and great younger brother!  They all had the same question for me as I prepared for departure.  “What do you want to be when you grow up?”  I pondered that question for several hours. My reply was quite simple and decisive, “ I want to be a drummer when I grow up”!  They all looked at each other very perplexed and finally my mother turned to me and said, “well you better hurry up and decide because you can’t do both!”  So, again I found myself pondering my choices for the next 10,000 miles in the F-10.  Yep, I decided I’d be a drummer…still looking for lessons.

Jill Watkins - Vocals 

JilliandraminaAlexandriaExpidocious Pork Chop Durban Watkins Michko started singing in her church choir and hasn't been back in a while. As a red-headed-stepchild with a penchant for trouble, Jill was often found in her room, singing into her hair brush along with Aretha Franklin.  To this day, she is still trying to hit those high notes.
With Jill’s high-volume and pulchritude, a life on the stage was inevitable.  Her vocal journey lead her from karaoke contests, to back-up singer, to the Jill Watkins Band, to featured artist with George Whitesell and his All-Stars, to lead singer for the New-Orleans-themed band, Jockamo, to collaborator with the all-women’s show HERmonious, and to the internationally renowned (cuz she told her friend in Canada) band FUNKKNUF!  To learn more about Jill, check out her website.
John Battista (aka “Johnny B”) - Woodwinds...well, 2 saxophones anyway
Johnny B was raised by a pack of saxophone playing wolves in the wilds of Fishkill, New York.  At the age of 12, he struck out on his own and toured the United States, wowing the county fair crowds with his rendition of “The Chicken Dance.”  But in his teen years he rebelled against the family and dabbled in calculus and thermodynamics.  “I always dreamed of being a medical device engineer” says Battista “but my parents encouraged me to be realistic and choose a steady, stable, lucrative career - that’s when I went back into music full time.”  He returned to his funk saxophone upbringing and has been honing his craft ever since.  Since moving to Colorado, Johnny B’s greasy solos have been heard with Swing City, the Legendary 4-nikators, Trouble in the Heartland, BiG BaNG, and of course...FUNK KNUF!
Dave McLoughlin - Trumpet, Flugelhorn and Trombone

Dave grew up in Michigan playing in jazz bands throughout high school and college.  He first started with the triangle, then graduated through the kazoo, the mouth harp and the piccolo, before settling on the trumpet.  He played with several bands in LA and Northern California prior to moving to Colorado, including Mott the Hoople, Dexies Midnight Runners and Right Said Fred. In addition to playing in FUNK KNUF, Dave also plays regularly with SwingCity and Makeshift.
Doug Carmichael - Baritone, Alto, Soprano Sax and Flute

Doug is a music teacher with the St. Vrain Valley Schools and an active saxophonist throughout the greater Denver area.  He grew up in the Longmont area where he attended Erie High School and the University of Colorado at Boulder. Doug has his bachelors and master’s degree from CU in music education and saxophone performance. He has taught in the Denver Public Schools, Douglas County Schools, Cherry Creek School and the St Vrain Valley Schools. He has played with a variety of groups: the Longmont Symphony, the Longmont Coral, the Lee Thomas Band, Mojomama, the Dale Ness Quartet, the Eric Dorn Group, the Jean Poole trio, See Spot Groove, 3ology, the Matt Pack, DKO, Archie Funker, Makeshift Funk Band, and 3rd Degree Burn, just to name a few. His work with 3olgoy has resulted in three Cds which have received airplay and accolades locally, nationally and internationally. Through 3ology he is on the Creative Music Works and Tapestry label. Doug continues to be a guest artist and clinician for various private, CHSAA, and CBA sponsored events.